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  • Long Road to Heaven is a 2006 Indonesian feature film about the 2002 Bali bombing, by Kalyana Shira Films. The film was directed by Enison Sinaro and written by Wong Wai Leng and Andy Logam-Tan.

    It tells the story during three different times: the planning a few months before the bombing, its execution in 2002, and the trials in 2003. The story is not chronologically linear. It starts with the explosion and then moves from time to time until all three plots culminate one after the other. At the beginning of each scene, subtitles tell the date and location of the scene.

    The film also tries to present both the bombers and victims viewpoints. According to Kalyana Shira Films: "The movie itself is trying to capture the moment from many different point of views; the terrorists, victims' families and foreigners. Though categorized as a feature film, LRTH is based on factual research where every sides are presented in balance therefor we hope that the viewers can take side on humanity and peaceful heart."

    The screening of the film has been banned on the island of Bali. An official from the provincial film board said Long Road to Heaven could "reopen old wounds". I Gusti Ngurah Gde, head of Bali's film board, said: "We fear people who do not understand it would trigger conflict and direct hatred at a certain group."

    Download links: Indowebster CD1 - CD2 | Rapidshare

  • The Gamelan Of Cirebon: part1 - part2
    1. Jipang Walik
    2. Kiser
    3. Dermayon; Bendrong; Oyong-Oyong Bangkong
    4. Topeng Panji - Kembang Sungsang; Owet-Owetan; Lontang Gede

    Music In Bali: part1 - part2
    1. Cakepung: Sinom Imbalan And Jepun
    2. Gambang: Panji Marga
    3. Genggong: Donkang Menek Punyan Biyu
    4. Enggung: Tabuh Enggung
    5. Saron: Ginada
    6. Kidung: Wargasari
    7. Geguntangan Arja: Sekar Eled And Mas Kumambang
    8. Joged Bumbung: Suar Budiatyani
    9. Jegog: Tangis Alit And Mebarung

    Kecak And Sanghyang Of Bali: part1 - part2
    01. Prologue
    02. Entrance Of Rama And Sitha/Rama Chases The Golden Deer
    03. Garbed As A Saint, Rawana, The King Of Hell, Kidnaps Sitha
    04. Sitha, Imprisoned On The Island Of The King Of Hell
    05. Entrance Of Anoman
    06. Meganada Ambushes Rama
    07. Rescue By Jatayu (Garuda)
    08. Confrontation Of Sugriwa And Meganada
    09. Sanghyang Dedari
    10. Sanghyang Jaran

    The Gamelan Music Of Bali: part1 - part2
    1. Paksi Ngelayang
    2. Gambangan
    3. Liar Samas
    4. Tabuh Telu
    5. Sekar Ginotan
    6. Lente
    7. Gilak
    Password: kolik

    Sambasunda - Seventh Sense
    Indonesia | World - Ethnic/Fusion | MP3 | 192 Kbps | 96 mb
    1. Sambasunda - Tongtolang (5:10)
    2. Sambasunda - Mande La Ondeh (5:41)
    3. Sambasunda - Campur Sare (6:33)
    4. Sambasunda - I'm So Sure (7:12)
    5. Sambasunda - Song For Kuwu (5:41)
    6. Sambasunda - The Circle Of Love (7:46)
    7. Sambasunda - The Miracle Of Fingers (3:55)
    8. Sambasunda - Anthem (6:34)
    9. Sambasunda - Sweet Dancing (5:51)
    10. Samabasunda - Seventh Sense (6:37)

    Sambasunda - Rhytmnical Of Sundanese People
    MP3 | 192kbps | Genre: World/Ethnic Fusion | 85 MB | Covers
    1. Sambasunda - Sambasunda (5:13)
    2. Sambasunda - Munding Dorakala (5:47)
    3. Sambasunda - Tamaburo (8:40)
    4. Sambasunda - Lost Two Tigers (6:43)
    5. Sambasunda - Berekis (4:20)
    6. Sambasunda - Babah Ngawih (4:06)
    7. Sambasunda - Kaligata Goragarago (13:03)
    8. Sambasunda - Dikantun Tugas (5:42)
    9. Sambasunda - Sumimaula (6:11)
  • Time Trax is an American/Australian co-produced science fiction television series that first aired in 1993. It is about a police officer who has been sent through time to track down and return convicted criminals who have escaped into the past. This was the last new production from Lorimar Television.

    It began in the future. A time machine called TRAX, criminals who vanish, and a lawman who must pursue into the past. Now he is among us, a special breed of man. He has one weapon and a computer called Selma. With her, he will travel through our world, searching for fugitives from his own, knowing he cannot go home until he has found them all. His name is Darien Lambert and this is his story.

    In the year 2193, over a hundred criminals became fugitives of law enforcement by travelling back in time two hundred years, using a time machine called Trax. Darien Lambert (Dale Midkiff) was a police detective of that period who was sent back to 1993 in order to apprehend as many of the fugitives as possible. He was assisted by the Specified Encapsulated Limitless Memory Archive, or SELMA (Elizabeth Alexander), an extremely small but very powerful computer (described as equivalent to a mainframe) disguised for the mission as an AT&T MasterCard and communicated through a holographic interface which took the visual form of a prim British nanny. Lambert was also equipped with an MPPT (Micro-Pellet Projection Tube) disguised as a keyless car alarm remote, which could stun the target or engulf the target in an energy field which would render him transportable to the future, at which point Selma would execute the transmission sequence to send the criminal on his way. Lambert's biggest enemy was Dr. Mordecai Sahmbi (Peter Donat), who was responsible for sending the fugitives to 1993, and who tried several times to kill him.

    Captain Lambert, fearing the possible consequences of altering the timeline, did not actively attempt to interfere with the natural flow of history, although he frequently left messages for his colleagues in 2193 (via the 'personals' sections of assorted newspapers). The series made occasional allusions to a theory of parallel timelines as a way of skirting the issue of temporal paradox, implying that the time travellers went into an alternate past so that their actions there had no effect on the 2193 "present". However, there was no overt evidence that this was the case; indeed, the fact that Lambert was able to leave messages for his coworkers to find in 2193 would seem to indicate otherwise.

    Download link:
    Season 1 Episode 1: A Stranger in Time
    Season 1 Episode 2: To Kill a Billionaire
    Season 1 Episode 3: Fire and Ice
    Season 1 Episode 4: Showdown
    Season 1 Episode 5: The Prodigy
    Season 1 Episode 6: Death Takes a Holiday
    Season 1 Episode 7: The Contender
    Season 1 Episode 8: Night of the Savage
    Season 1 Episode 9: Treasure of the Ages
    Season 1 Episode 10: The Price of Honor
    Season 1 Episode 11: Face of Death
    Season 1 Episode 12: Revenge
    Season 1 Episode 13: Darien Comes Home
    Season 1 Episode 14: Two Beans in a Wheel
    Season 1 Episode 15: Little Boy Lost
    Season 1 Episode 16: Mysterious Stranger
    Season 1 Episode 17: Framed
    Season 1 Episode 18: Beautiful Songbird
    Season 1 Episode 19: Photo Finish
    Season 1 Episode 20: Darrow for the Defense
    Season 1 Episode 21: One on One

    Season 2 Episode 1: Return of the Yakuza
    Season 2 Episode 2: Missing
    Season 2 Episode 3: To Live and Die in Docker Flats
    Season 2 Episode 4: A Close Encounter
    Season 2 Episode 5: The Gravity of It All
    Season 2 Episode 6: Happy Valley
    Season 2 Episode 7: Lethal Weapons
    Season 2 Episode 8: The Cure
    Season 2 Episode 9: Perfect Pair
    Season 2 Episode 10: Catch Me If You Can
    Season 2 Episode 11: Dream Team
    Season 2 Episode 12: Almost Human
    Season 2 Episode 13: Mother
    Season 2 Episode 14: The Last M.I.A.
    Season 2 Episode 15: Split Image
    Season 2 Episode 16: Cool Hand Darien
    Season 2 Episode 17: The Lottery
    Season 2 Episode 18: Out for Blood
    Season 2 Episode 19: The Scarlet Koala
    Season 2 Episode 20: Optic Nerve
    Season 2 Episode 21: The Crash
    Season 2 Episode 22: Forgotten Tomorrows

    Rapidshare link
  • Taking the familiar conventions of time-lapse cinematography to a transcendent level of artistic achievement, filmmaker Ron Fricke circled the globe to make Chronos, a stunning 70-millimeter time-lapse tour of natural and man-made wonders.

    The entire film has the enhanced, hyper-realistic quality of a laser-etched photograph, and by using special cameras and motion-control photographic techniques, Fricke and his technically expert crew were able to create mesmerizing images guaranteed to spark any viewer's sense of awe and wonder. Accompanied by the hypnotic music of Michael Stearns, this visual journey takes the viewer on a tour of over 50 locations on nearly every continent of the world, including explorations of Paris, the Vatican, the Egyptian pyramids, the African veldt, and many more stunning vistas.

    The cumulative effect is the feeling that the world--from the busiest metropolis to the most serenely remote wilderness landscape--is dictated by "chronos," the rhythm of time to which all living things must submit. Like Koyaanisquatsi and Baraka, this is one of those eye-candy films that was conceived according to its specific theme, so it's not only a soothing visual experience but a thought-provoking study of our fascinating planet.

    Download: indowebster part1 - part2 - part3 | rapidshare
  • Download: indowebster | rapidshare part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5

    Tokoh Naga Bonar (Deddy Mizwar), adalah seorang pencopet yang mendapatkan kesempatan menyebut dirinya seorang Jenderal di pasukan kemerdekaan Indonesia pada saat pasukan pendudukan Jepang mundur pada tahun 1945 dan Belanda berusaha kembali menguasai daerah yang ditinggalkan tersebut.

    Pada awalnya Naga Bonar melakukan ini hanya sekedar untuk mendapatkan kemewahan hidup sebagai seorang Jenderal, akan tetapi pada akhirnya dia menjadi tentara yang sesungguhnya, dan memimpin kemenangan Indonesia dalam peperangan.

    Download: indowebster CD1 - CD2 | Rapidshare part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5 - part6 - part7 - part8 join with hjsplit

    Alur cerita berputar tentang hubungan Nagabonar dan Bonaga (Tora Sudiro) dalam suasana kehidupan anak muda metropolis. Bonaga, seorang pengusaha sukses, mendapat proyek pembangunan resort dari perusahaan Jepang. Sialnya, lahan yang diincar perusahaan Jepang tersebut tak lain adalah lahan perkebunan sawit milik ayahnya, Nagabonar. Maka Bonaga pun memboyong ayahnya ke Jakarta agar dia bisa membujuk Nagabonar menjual lahan tersebut.

    Usaha Bonaga tak berhasil. Kekeraskepalaan Nagabonar untuk mempertahankan lahan perkebunan (di mana di sana juga terdapat makam istri, Ibu dan temannya si bengak Bujang) semakin menjadi-jadi ketika tahu calon pembeli tanahnya adalah perusahaan Jepang (yang masih dianggapnya penjajah). Sementara Nagabonar dan Bonaga berusaha untuk saling memahami cara pandang dan nilai-nilai satu sama lain, tenggat waktu untuk Bonaga semakin mendekat. - sumber

  • Soe Hok Gie dibesarkan di sebuah keluarga keturunan Tionghoa yang tidak begitu kaya dan berdomisili di Jakarta. Sejak remaja, Hok Gie sudah mengembangkan minat terhadap konsep-konsep idealis yang dipaparkan oleh intelek-intelek kelas dunia. Semangat pejuangnya, setiakawannya, dan hatinya yang dipenuhi kepedulian sejati akan orang lain dan tanah airnya membaur di dalam diri Hok Gie kecil dan membentuk dirinya menjadi pribadi yang tidak toleran terhadap ketidakadilan dan mengimpikan Indonesia yang didasari oleh keadilan dan kebenaran yang murni. Semangat ini sering salah dimengerti orang lain. Bahkan sahabat-sahabat Hok Gie, Tan Tjin Han dan Herman Lantang bertanya "Untuk apa semua perlawanan ini?". Pertanyaan ini dengan kalem dijawab Soe dengan penjelasan akan kesadarannya bahwa untuk memperoleh kemerdekaan sejati dan hak-hak yang dijunjung sebagaimana mestinya, ada harga yang harus dibayar, dan memberontaklah caranya. Semboyan Soe Hok Gie yang mengesankan berbunyi, "Lebih baik diasingkan daripada menyerah pada kemunafikan."

    Masa remaja dan kuliah Hok Gie dijalani di bawah rezim pelopor kemerdekaan Indonesia Bung Karno, yang ditandai dengan konflik antara militer dengan PKI. Soe dan teman-temannya bersikeras bahwa mereka tidak memihak golongan manapun. Meskipun Hok Gie menghormati Sukarno sebagai founding father negara Indonesia, Hok Gie begitu membenci pemerintahan Sukarno yang diktator dan menyebabkan hak rakyat yang miskin terinjak-injak. Hok Gie tahu banyak tentang ketidakadilan sosial, penyalahgunaan kedaulatan, dan korupsi di bawah pemerintahan Sukarno, dan dengan tegas bersuara menulis kritikan-kritikan yang tajam di media. Soe juga sangat membenci bagaimana banyak mahasiswa berkedudukan senat janji-janji manisnya hanya omong kosong belaka yang mengedoki usaha mereka memperalat situasi politik untuk memperoleh keuntungan pribadi. Penentangan ini memenangkan banyak simpati bagi Hok Gie, tetapi juga memprovokasikan banyak musuh. Banyak interest group berusaha melobi Soe untuk mendukung kampanyenya, sementara musuh-musuh Hok Gie bersemangat menggunakan setiap kesempatan untuk mengintimidasi dirinya.

    Tan Tjin Han, teman kecil Hok Gie, sudah lama mengagumi keuletan dan keberanian Soe Hok Gie, namun dirinya sendiri tidak memiliki semangat pejuang yang sama. Dalam usia berkepala dua, kedua lelaki dipertemukan kembali meski hanya sebentar. Hok Gie menemukan bahwa Tan telah terlibat PKI tetapi tidak tahu konsekuensi apa yang sebenarnya menantinya. Hok Gie mendesak Tan untuk menanggalkan segala ikatan dengan PKI dan bersembunyi, tetapi Tan tidak menerima desakan tersebut.

    Hok Gie dan teman-temannya menghabiskan waktu luang mereka naik gunung dan menikmati alam Indonesia yang asri dengan Mahasiswa Pecinta Alam (MAPALA) UI. Selain itu, mereka juga gemar menonton dan menganalisa film, menikmati kesenian-kesenian tradisional, dan menghadiri pesta-pesta. Film ini menggambarkan petualangan Soe Hok Gie mencapai tujuannya untuk menggulingkan rezim Sukarno, dan perubahan-perubahan dalam hidupnya setelah tujuan ini tercapai.

    Film ini diangkat dari buku Catatan Seorang Demonstran karya Gie sendiri, namun ditambahkan beberapa tokoh fiktif agar ceritanya lebih dramatis.

    Download: indowebster - soundtrack

    Rapidshare part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5 - part6 - part7 - part8

  • Jakarta Undercover adalah sebuah film drama Indonesia yang diproduksi pada tahun 2006. Film yang disutradarai oleh Lance ini dibintangi antara lain oleh Luna Maya, Lukman Sardi, Fachry Albar dan Christian Sugiono dengan menampilkan beberapa cameo seperti Fauzy Baadila, Mario Lawalata dan Hanung Bramantyo. Film ini diangkat dari buku karya Moammar Emka dengan judul yang sama, yang terjual lebih dari 20.000 copy di Indonesia.

    Film ini mengangkat kehidupan malam kota Jakarta. Seorang penari telanjang (Luna Maya) harus melindungi adiknya yang secara tidak sengaja menyaksikan pembunuhan yang dilakukan tiga pemuda. Selama masa persembunyian kedua beraudara ini, mereka harus menyaksikan segala kehidupan bawah tanah di Jakarta yang penuh dengan pergaulan bebas, obat-obatan terlarang dan korupsi.

    Download: Indowebster
    Rapidshare: CD1 part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5
    CD2 part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5
    Ebook: buku1 - buku2 - buku3
  • Film ini bercerita tentang proses pencarian cinta dari 4 pemuda lajang yang tinggal dan kuliah di Bandung. Cerita mengenai cinta, komitmen atas cinta itu sendiri, mempertanyakan cinta dan tanggung jawab terhadap cinta. Dikemas dalam komedi drama tanpa ada banyolan konyol atau jokes yang memancing orang tertawa. Komedi disini lebih pada menempatkan sesuatu bukan pada tempatnya tanpa disengaja.

    Keempat lelaki jomblo tersebut adalah: Agus, Doni, Olip (Olifiyan), dan Bimo. Keempatnya adalah mahasiswa perguruan tinggi UNB di kota Bandung. Mereka satu angkatan, satu jurusan di Teknik Sipil. Agus dikenal sangat idealis dalam mencari perempuan. Dalam kamus Agus, pacaran adalah untuk menikah dan memiliki rumah tangga ideal. Calon istri harus punya sifat keibuan

    Doni dikenal sangat playboy dan sangat pragmatis dalam berpikir soal perempuan. Seks, seks dan seks menjadi kata penting dalam hubungan pacaran. Bagusnya, Doni memang mudah menaklukkan cewek. Kepada Doni-lah, Olip belajar cara menaklukkan cewek. Termasuk menundukkan hati Asri. Asri adalah pujaan hati Olip. Selama tiga tahun Olip hanya bisa memendam cinta tanpa pernah sanggup mengungkapkannya

    Sementara Bimo, ia sadar diri bahwa ia tak punya modal fisik menaklukkan hati cewek. Bahkan ketika kopi darat dengan Febi, Febi malah cuek dan pura-pura tak mengenalnya. Padahal keduanya janjian bertemu, dan jelas-jelas Febi mengenakan sweeter dengan namanya.

    Dari sinilah petualangan-petualangan keempat sahabat itu dimulai.

    Download: indowebster cd1 - cd2

    Rapidshare part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5 - part6 - part7 - part8


    Vega, mahasiswi yang selain bekerja sebagai penyiar radio dengan nama samaran Vey, ia juga bekerja sebagai copywriter. Sebagai penyiar radio ia memakai nama Vey, mempunyai acara khusus yang membahas masalah relationship berjudul “From Bandung With Love

    Cerita dimulai saat Vega memutuskan untuk membahas masalah perselingkuhan dan kesetiaan dalam siaranya minggu mendatang. Dia mulai dengan teori bahwa 10 dari 11 laki-laki tidak setia. Teori ini diperkuat pula oleh Wulan, sahabat Vega yang baru saja mendapati pacarnya selingkuh

    Usaha Vega pun dibawa ke kantor advertising yang mempekerjakan dia sebagai copywriter. Dia mengamati lalu memilih Ryan, creative director yang terkenal playboy. Vega memanfaatkan waktu seminggu menjelang siaran untuk mendekati Ryan, untuk mencari tahu dari sis lelaki yang tidak setia

    Tapi apaun bisa terjadi dalam 6 hari…Vega jatuh cinta beneran sama Ryan karena Ryan memang tahu benar how to treat a lady, sebuah karakter yang berbeda dengan Dion, pacar Vega yang sebenarnya. Hingga di satu titik Vega menyadari bahwa dialah yang tidak setia. Tidak setia terhadap tujuan, terhadap Dion, Wulan dan dirinya sendiri.

    Akhirnya, siapakah yang Vega pilih? Ryan yang tahu benar memperlakukan seorang wanita atau Dion yang sebaliknya?

    Download: indowebster - rapidshare

  • Caca sutarya a.k.a cacing (tria changcut, vokalis the changcuters), a natural born leader yang enerjik, ingin menjadi anggota the road devil, geng motor paling brutal dan ditakuti di kota bandung. Tapi ia tidak sampai hati untuk melakukan ujian yang diberikan karena tidak sesuai dengan hati nuraninya

    Akhirnya ia mengajak teman-teman dekatnya dadang modip (drummer the changcuters), coki & ciko (guitar the changcuters) serta mulder (bassist the changcuters). Mereka membentuk geng motor dengan nama the tarix jabrix yang nongkrong di bengkel sugema milik pak rohim (sellen fernandez), ayah dadang. Seorang cewek magang di bengkel itu, namanya mayang (francine roosenda). Teman-teman dadang naksir sama mayang. Sementara cacing sedang mendekati callista (carissa putri), primadona sekolah

    Tapi callista sering dijemput cowoknya, valdin (andrew), temen kakaknya, max (ario bayu) pentolan the smokers, geng motor gede. Diam-diam callista menaruh hati pada cacing yang dianggap lucu, menyenangkan dan enak diajak ngobrol

    Kedekatan callista dan cacing membuat hubungan callista dan valdin renggang, valdin tidak terima. Akhirnya the tarix jabrix berseteru dengan the smokers. Cacing memberitahu callista bahwa ada anak buah kakaknya yang membawa narkoba. Cacing dkk berinisiatif untuk membongkar kasus ini, setelah callista mengatakan bahwa the smokers adalah geng motor yang bersih

    Niat baik the tarix jabrix untuk membongkar kasus ini lagi-lagi mendapat halangan dari valdin dan max. The smokers merasa bahwa cacing hanya cari gara-gara. Kedua geng ini berseteru, mereka siap tawuran meski jumlah the smokers lebih unggul dan persiapan cacing hanya satu hari. Berhasilkah cacing dan the tarix jabrix melawan tantangan the smokers?

    Download: indowebster part1 - part2 | rapidshare link

  • Pengkhianatan G 30 S/PKI adalah judul film Indonesia dari tahun 1984 yang disutradarai oleh Arifin C Noer. Cerita film ini adalah versi resmi pemerintah Orde Baru tentang peristiwa yang terjadi pada malam 30 September dan pagi 1 Oktober 1965 di Jakarta.

    Pada malam dan pagi hari itu terjadi pergolakan politik di Indonesia yang kemudian berujung pada pergantian rezim dari Soekarno ke Soeharto. Pihak Orde Baru di bawah pimpinan Soeharto mengatakan bahwa Partai Komunis Indonesia melakukan pemberontakan yang kemudian digagalkan oleh Soeharto sendiri. Inilah yang menjadi dasar film tersebut. Sampai hari ini masih banyak orang yang mempertentangkan kebenaran hal tersebut dan topik ini masih diselimuti banyak kontroversi dan rahasia.

    Pemerintahan Soeharto kemudian memerintahkan satu-satunya stasiun televisi di Indonesia saat itu, TVRI, untuk menayangkan film ini setiap tahun pada tanggal 30 September malam. Pada saat stasiun-stasiun televisi swasta bermunculan, mereka juga dikenai kewajiban yang sama. Peraturan ini kemudian dihapuskan pada tahun 1998 dan sejak saat itu film ini belum pernah lagi diputar di stasiun televisi Indonesia.

    Download: indowebster part1 - part2 - part3 | rapidshare

    Cerita terjadi di desa Gantung, Gantung, Belitung Timur. Dimulai ketika sekolah Muhammadiyah terancam akan dibubarkan oleh Depdikbud Sumsel jikalau tidak mencapai siswa baru sejumlah 10 anak. Ketika itu baru 9 anak yang menghadiri upacara pembukaan, akan tetapi tepat ketika Pak Harfan, sang kepala sekolah, hendak berpidato menutup sekolah, Harun dan ibunya datang untuk mendaftarkan diri di sekolah kecil itu.

    Dari sanalah dimulai cerita mereka. Mulai dari penempatan tempat duduk, pertemuan mereka dengan Pak Harfan, perkenalan mereka yang luar biasa di mana A Kiong yang malah cengar-cengir ketika ditanyakan namanya oleh guru mereka, Bu Mus. Kejadian bodoh yang dilakukan oleh Borek, pemilihan ketua kelas yang diprotes keras oleh Kucai, kejadian ditemukannya bakat luar biasa Mahar, pengalaman cinta pertama Ikal, sampai pertaruhan nyawa Lintang yang mengayuh sepeda 80 km pulang pergi dari rumahnya ke sekolah.

    Mereka, Laskar Pelangi - nama yang diberikan Bu Muslimah akan kesenangan mereka terhadap pelangi - pun sempat mengharumkan nama sekolah dengan berbagai cara. Misalnya pembalasan dendam Mahar yang selalu dipojokkan kawan-kawannya karena kesenangannya pada okultisme yang membuahkan kemenangan manis pada karnaval 17 Agustus, dan kejeniusan luar biasa Lintang yang menantang dan mengalahkan Drs. Zulfikar, guru sekolah kaya PN yang berijazah dan terkenal, dan memenangkan lomba cerdas cermat. Laskar Pelangi mengarungi hari-hari menyenangkan, tertawa dan menangis bersama. Kisah sepuluh kawanan ini berakhir dengan kematian ayah Lintang yang memaksa Einstein cilik itu putus sekolah dengan sangat mengharukan, dan dilanjutkan dengan kejadian 12 tahun kemudian di mana Ikal yang berjuang di luar pulau Belitong kembali ke kampungnya. Kisah indah ini diringkas dengan kocak dan mengharukan oleh Andrea Hirata, kita bahkan bisa merasakan semangat masa kecil anggota sepuluh Laskar Pelangi ini.

    Download: part1 - part2 - join pake hjsplit | rapidshare link
    nidji - ost laskar pelangi
    Ebooks: laskar pelangi - sang pemimpi - edensor - maryamah karpov part1 - part2
  • Complete Book of Self Sufficiency
    by John Seymour
    ISBN 055298051X / 9780552980517 / 0-552-98051-X
    Publisher: Transworld Publishers Limited
    Language English

    Download: indowebster - Scribd

    A true home should be the container for living real hospitality, true culture and conviviality, real fun, solid comfort, and above all, real civilisation. And the most creative thing that anybody can do in this world is to make a real home .... One of the essential characteristics of a good home is “craftsmanship”.

    It is true that our friends in the supermarkets have made many “advances” in the complexity of pre-prepared meals. But the sad fact is that our food now travels thousands – yes thousands – of miles between the placed it is produced and our mouths. Most people never get an opportunity to taste real local-grown fresh food – they do not know what they are missing ... if there is no quality in the food we eat, then we must just hope to get through life as quickly as possible ... the sources of our food are getting further away from our tables and the food goes through more and more industrial processing, the only quality now deemed important is long shelf life. Such food is dead food: all the life has been taken out of it. The best food of all comes from our own garden and our own land. Next best is food from a local farm, or farmer's markets, and then food from a local shop.

    True homesteaders will seek to husband their land, not exploit it. -- John Seymour

    I once knew an old lady who lived by herself in the Golfen valley of Herefordshire. She was one of the happiest old women I have ever met. She described to me all the work she and her mother used to do when she was a child: washing on Monday, butter-making on Tuesday, market on Wednesday, and so on. “It all sounds like a lot of hard work,” I said to her. “Yes, but nobody told us then,” she said in her Herefordshire accent. “Told you what?” “Told us there was anything wrong with work!” -- John Seymour

    It is amazing what can be packed into an urban garden. Even the smallest space can be made productive and what could be a more attractive that the sight of a well tended succulent fruit and vegetables right outside your back door. -- John Seymour

    Nothing should be wasted on the self-sufficient holding. The dustman should never have to call. -- John Seymour
  • The Mysteries of Borobudur: Discover Indonesia Series
    By John Miksic
    Hardcover: 32 pages
    Publisher: Periplus Editions (January 15, 1999)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 9625931988/ ISBN-13: 978-9625931982

    Discover Indonesia: The Mysteries of Borobudur is a comprehensive guide to the ultimate Buddhist monument of Borobudur, a glorious ninth-century stupa in the lush Kedu Plain of Central Java in Indonesia, visited annually by over a million people.

    Download: indowebster - Scribd
  • March of the Penguins (La Marche de l'empereur) is a French nature documentary film which won the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. It was directed and co-written by Luc Jacquet, and co-produced by Bonne Pioche and the National Geographic Society.

    The film depicts the yearly journey of the emperor penguins of Antarctica. In autumn, all the penguins of breeding age (five years old and over) leave the ocean, their normal habitat, to walk inland to their ancestral breeding grounds. There, the penguins participate in a courtship that, if successful, results in the hatching of a chick. For the chick to survive, both parents must make multiple arduous journeys between the ocean and the breeding grounds over the ensuing months.

    It took one year for the two isolated cinematographers Laurent Chalet and Jérôme Maison to shoot the movie, which was filmed around the French scientific base of Dumont d'Urville in Adélie Land.

    Download: Rapidshare part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - Soundtrack
  • General Maximus Decimus Meridius leads the Roman Army to victory against Germanic barbarians in the year A.D. 180, ending a prolonged war and earning the esteem of elderly Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Although the dying Aurelius has a son, Commodus, he decides to appoint temporary leadership to the morally-upstanding Maximus, with a desire to eventually return power to the Roman Senate. Aurelius informs Maximus and offers him time to consider before informing Commodus, who, in a bout of jealousy, murders his father. Declaring himself the emperor, Commodus asks Maximus for his loyalty, which Maximus, realizing Commodus' involvement in the Emperor's death, refuses. Commodus orders Maximus' execution and dispatches Praetorian Guards to murder his wife and son. Maximus narrowly escapes his execution, but is injured in the process. He races home only to discover his family's charred and crucified bodies in the smoldering ruins of his villa. After burying his wife and son, a grieving Maximus succumbs to exhaustion and blood loss as a result of his injuries and collapses on their graves.

    Slave traders find Maximus and take him to Zucchabar, a rugged province in North Africa, where he is purchased by Proximo, the head of a local gladiator school (and a freed gladiator himself). Distraught and nihilistic over the death of his family and betrayal by his empire, Maximus initially refuses to fight, but as he defends himself in the arena his formidable combat skills lead to a rise in popularity with the audience. As he trains and fights further, Maximus befriends Hagen, a Germanic barbarian, and Juba, a Numidian hunter, the latter becoming a close friend and confidant to the grieving Maximus, the two speaking frequently of the afterlife and Maximus' eventual reunification with his family.

    In Rome, Commodus reopens the gladiatorial games to pay tribute to his father and gain the goodwill of the people, and Proximo's company of gladiators are hired to participate. During a reenactment of the Battle of Zama from the Second Punic War, Maximus leads Proximo's gladiators, in the guise of Hannibal's forces, to a decisive victory against a more powerful force. This happens much to the amazement of the crowd, who expected a historically accurate depiction of Rome's triumph over Carthage. Commodus descends into the arena to meet the victors and instructs "The Spaniard" to remove his helmet and tell him his name. An angry Maximus reluctantly shows his face and says, "My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Armies in the North, General of the Felix Legions, Loyal Servant to the true Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, Husband to a murdered wife; and I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next." The Emperor, unable to kill Maximus because of the crowd's roaring approval for him, sulks out of the arena. As the games continue, Commodus pits Maximus against Tigris of Gaul, Rome's only undefeated gladiator, in an arena surrounded by chained tigers with handlers instructed to target Maximus. Following an intense battle, Maximus narrowly defeats Tigris and awaits Commodus' decision to kill or spare Tigris. As the audience urges for death, Commodus signals to Maximus to kill Tigris. However, Maximus spares Tigris, deliberately insulting the Emperor. Instead of booing him, the crowd cheers Maximus, bestowing him the title "Merciful". His bitter enemy now known as "Maximus the Merciful", Commodus becomes more frustrated at his inability to kill Maximus, let alone stop his ascending popularity while his own shrinks.

    Following the fight, Maximus meets his former servant Cicero, who reveals that Maximus's army remains loyal to him. Maximus forms a plot with Lucilla, Commodus' sister, and Senator Gracchus to reunite Maximus with his army and overthrow Commodus. Suspecting his sister's betrayal, Commodus threatens her young son and forces her to reveal the plot. Praetorian guards immediately storm Proximo's gladiator barracks, battling the gladiators while Maximus escapes. Hagen and Proximo are killed in the siege while Juba and the survivors are imprisoned. Maximus escapes to the city walls only to witness Cicero's death and be ambushed by a legion of Praetorian guards.

    Concluding that legends born in the Colosseum must die there, Commodus challenges Maximus to a duel in front of a roaring audience. Acknowledging that Maximus' skill exceeds his own, Commodus deliberately stabs Maximus with a stiletto, puncturing his lung, and has the wound concealed beneath the gladiator's armor. In the arena, the two exchange blows before Maximus rips the sword from Commodus's hands. Commodus requests a sword from his guards, but they betray him and refuse to lend him their weapons. Maximus drops his own sword, but Commodus pulls a hidden stiletto and renews his attack. Maximus then beats Commodus into submission and kills him with his own stilletto. As Commodus collapses in the now-silent Colosseum, a dying Maximus begins seeing his wife and son in the afterlife. He reaches for them, but is pulled back to reality by the Praetorian prefect Quintus, who asks for instructions. Maximus orders the release of Proximo's gladiators and Senator Gracchus, whom he reinstates and instructs to return Rome to a Senate-based government. Maximus collapses, and Lucilla rushes to his aid. After being reassured that her son is safe and Commodus is dead, Maximus dies and wanders into the afterlife to his family in the distance. Senator Gracchus, Quintus, and Proximo's gladiators carry his body out of the Colosseum. That night, a newly freed Juba buries Maximus' two small statues of his wife and son in the Colosseum, and says that he too will eventually join them, but not yet.

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  • Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), born in United Kingdom but naturalized American, is a disenchanted Ex-United States Army captain, tortured by the guilt of his past transgressions against Native American civilians. After losing his previous job of sharing his old war experiences in public demonstrations, he is recruited by his former commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel Bagley (Tony Goldwyn), whom Algren loathes and blames for his waking nightmares, on behalf of a Japanese businessman, Mr. Omura (Masato Harada). He is hired to help the new Meiji Restoration government train the new Western-style Imperial Japanese Army. With him are his old army colleague Zeb Gant (Billy Connolly) and Simon Graham, (Timothy Spall) a British translator.

    Under the command of Bagley, Algren trains an army of peasants and farmers in firearm techniques, and before they are sufficiently trained, is forced to take them into battle to defend Omura's investment in a new railway, against a group of samurai rebels led by Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe). During the battle, the samurai slaughter Algren's vulnerable soldiers, and Bagley withdraws from the field. Gant kills several samurai, but is soon killed. Algren manages to kill some samurai (including the samurai who killed Gant) with a pistol, a saber and a broken spear embroidered with a flag depicting a white tiger. Despite his best efforts he is soon overpowered. However, the flag on the spear reminds Katsumoto of a vision he had during meditation, of a white tiger fighting off his attackers. Seeing the resemblance, Katsumoto makes Algren his prisoner instead of letting his samurai kill him. In self-defense the badly wounded Algren deals a death blow to Katsumoto's own brother-in-law, the red-masked Samurai, Hirotaro. He is taken to an isolated village, where he gradually recovers from his wounds (as well as his rampant alcoholism). He lives with the family of Hirotaro, namely his widow Taka, her two sons and Katsumoto's son Nobutada (Shin Koyamada). Over time, Algren's mental and emotional state improve as he learns the way of the samurai, (Bushido). He develops romantic feelings for Taka, studies swordsmanship from a skilled sword master (Ujio) and learning Japanese, converses with the local residents, gaining their respect.

    One night, as the people watch a comic play, a group of ninja assassins attack the village, intent on killing Katsumoto. The samurai succeed in defeating the ninja, but suffer losses. Algren wins the respect and admiration of the samurai by fighting alongside them, distinguishing himself in the battle by his defense of Katsumoto. Though Katsumoto does not admit it, Algren realizes the attack was ordered by Omura.

    With the arrival of Spring, Nathan is taken back to Tokyo, where he learns that the army, under Bagley's command, is now better organized and outfitted with howitzers and Gatling guns. He declines Omura's job offer to lead the army against Katsumoto, to crush the Samurai rebellion. He also witnesses the brutality of the Japanese soldiers who enforce the new laws forbidding samurai to publicly carry swords and wear their hair in chonmage. At the same time, Katsumoto offers his counsel to the Emperor, to whom he was once a teacher. He learns that the young Emperor's hold upon the throne is much weaker than he thought, and that he is afraid to challenge men like Omura, who control vast wealth and political power.

    Katsumoto is arrested and confined to his quarters in Tokyo when he refuses to remove his sword in the Emperor's presence, but Algren, having learned that Omura has ordered his assassination, and narrowly escaping an assassination attempt on his own life (through judicious use of martial arts he learned in Katsumoto's camp), decides to rescue him with help from several of Katsumoto's loyal followers. During the rescue mission, Katsumoto's son Nobutada is fatally wounded: he stays behind to allow Algren, Katsumoto and the rest of the team to escape. Algren watches as he is cut down, a sight that strengthens his resolve. Katsumoto is still mourning the loss of his son when he receives word that a large Imperial Army unit is marching out to battle the samurai. A force of warriors, numbering only 500, is rallied. Algren makes a reference to the Battle of Thermopylae where a small army can inflict disproportionate casualties and cause great damage against overwhelming odds by using the right tactics and terrain as force multipliers. Algren then receives a katana of his own. He is also given, by Taka, her dead husband's armor. She dresses him into the armor, and they kiss just before Algren leaves.

    With the assistance of Algren, the samurai plan to make their final stand, using a combination of superior close-combat ability and their enemy's over-confidence. When a large Imperial Army, under the command of Omura and Bagley confronts the samurai's rebel forces, the samurai fall back to higher ground, preventing the Imperial army from using its superior firepower. As expected, Omura immediately orders the infantry to pursue them as the samurai lead them into a trap, setting a fire to cut off their escape routes. The samurai then unleash volleys of arrows on the infantrymen, killing many.

    Drawing their swords, the samurai, Algren and Katsumoto amongst them, charge the confused and wounded infantrymen. A second wave of Imperial infantry follows behind and quickly joins the battle, as does the samurai cavalry. A savage mêlée ensues that leaves many dead on both sides before the soldiers retreat. Realizing that fresh Imperial forces are coming and that defeat is imminent should a second battle occur, the surviving samurai resolve to make a final charge. They charge on horseback, their numbers being cut to pieces by Japanese cannons and then by another unit of infantrymen. During the battle, Bagley shoots Katsumoto but Algren then throws his sword at Bagley before he can kill Katsumoto, killing him and saving Katsumoto's life. Against all odds, they manage to make it through the enemy lines. On approaching the Imperial rear line, and progressing enough to scare Omura, the Samurai are suddenly cut down by the Gatling guns the soldiers had acquired from the Americans. Katsumoto and Algren are badly wounded from the encounter, and are seemingly the only survivors. Overcome by the sight of the dying samurai, an Imperial lieutenant (originally trained by Algren), against Omura's wishes, orders the Gatling guns to cease fire. Katsumoto, obeying bushido in order to keep his honour, commits seppuku (ritual suicide) with help from Algren, ending his life. The Imperial troops, many of whose comrades have also been killed, show their respect by bowing to the fallen samurai. Algren, who survives the battle heavily wounded, stays at Katsumoto's side.

    Later, as American ambassadors prepare to have the emperor sign a treaty that would give the US exclusive rights to sell firearms to the Japanese government, the injured Algren offers Katsumoto's sword as a present to the Emperor and urges the emperor to turn away the American ambassadors' offer. The Emperor agrees and tells the American ambassador that the deal is not in the best interests of Japan. Omura objects, and the Emperor – realizing he does not need to live in fear of Omura – confiscates his estates and fortunes. The Emperor is not the incompetent leader he seemed to be earlier. Omura is greatly distressed at his loss. The Emperor offers him Katsumoto's sword to commit seppuku if the dishonor is too great to bear. Omura however, lowers his head and stumbles away.

    The movie ends and the viewer realizes that the narrator of the story is Simon Graham. Algren then returns to the samurai village where he was imprisoned earlier, and to Taka. Graham philosophically concludes Algren found a measure of peace "that we all seek, and few of us ever find."
    source | officoal website
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  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a 2008 American drama film, inspired by the 1921 short story of the same name written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    Official Website

    The elderly Daisy (Cate Blanchett) is on her deathbed with her daughter Caroline (Julia Ormond) in a New Orleans hospital as Hurricane Katrina approaches in August 2005. Daisy tells the story of a blind clockmaker named Gateau (Elias Koteas), who was commissioned to create a clock to hang in the New Orleans train station. After receiving news of his son's death in World War I, he continued work on his clock, but intentionally designed it to run backward, in the hope that it would bring back those who died in the war. After her cryptic story, Daisy asks Caroline to read aloud from a diary containing photographs and postcards written by Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt). Caroline begins to read as the story transitions to Benjamin's narration.

    On November 11, 1918, just as the people of New Orleans are celebrating the end of World War I, a baby boy is born with the appearance and physical maladies of an elderly man. The mother of the baby dies shortly after giving birth, and the father, Thomas Button (Jason Flemyng), takes the baby and abandons him on the porch of a nursing home. Queenie (Taraji P. Henson) and Tizzy (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), a couple who work at the nursing home, find the baby. Queenie, who is unable to conceive, decides to take the baby in as her own, against Tizzy's wishes. She names the baby Benjamin.

    Over the course of the story, Benjamin begins to biologically grow younger. In 1930, while still appearing to be in his seventies, he meets a young girl named Daisy (Elle Fanning), whose grandmother lives in the nursing home. The children play together and listen to Daisy's grandmother read from a storybook. A few years later, Benjamin goes to work on a tugboat on the docks of New Orleans for Captain Mike (Jared Harris). In their free time, the captain takes him to brothels and bars. For the first time, Benjamin meets Thomas Button, who does not reveal that he is Benjamin's father. Later, Benjamin leaves New Orleans with the tugboat crew for a long-term work engagement; Daisy asks him to send her postcards from his travels, which Benjamin does.

    During a stay in Russia, at Murmansk, Benjamin meets a British woman named Elizabeth Abbott (Tilda Swinton) and falls in love with her; Daisy is visibly hurt to receive this news via postcard. Elizabeth is already married, but she has an affair with Benjamin. The fling ends the day after the Pearl Harbor attack, when Elizabeth abruptly departs. Benjamin gets caught up in World War II when Captain Mike's boat and crew are enlisted by the United States Navy. After engaging a German U-boat in battle, Captain Mike and most of the sailors perish. After this, Benjamin, after seeing a hummingbird, sees death in a different way, as opposed to the retirement home where death seemed more natural.

    Benjamin again meets Thomas Button, who is dying. Thomas reveals to Benjamin that he is his father and bequeaths all of his assets to Benjamin, including the house and the family button-making business. Benjamin eventually makes peace with his father before the elder Button dies. In 1945, Benjamin returns to New Orleans, and learns that Daisy has become a successful dancer in New York City. When he travels there to meet Daisy at a performance, he finds Daisy has fallen in love with a fellow dancer, and tries to accept that their lives have separated.

    Daisy's dance career is ended by a car accident in Paris, when the car breaks her leg in 5 places. When Benjamin goes to see her, Daisy is amazed at his youthful appearance, but frustrated at her own injuries, she turns him away by telling Benjamin to stay out of her life. In 1962, Daisy returns to New Orleans and meets Benjamin again. Now the same physical age, they fall in love and move in together. They experience the 1960s together, in large part blissfully but increasingly aware of Benjamin growing younger while Daisy grows older.

    Daisy gives birth to a girl, Caroline. Benjamin, believing he cannot be a father to his daughter due to his reverse aging, and not wanting to burden Daisy with having to raise two children, sells his belongings, and leaves the proceeds to Daisy and Caroline. He leaves them both and travels the world. Reading this account in the hospital room of 2005, Caroline learns that Benjamin is her father. She is upset that Daisy took such a long time to inform her of this, but finds that Benjamin sent her a postcard from everywhere for each of her birthdays expressing his love for his daughter.

    In 1980, Benjamin, now looking like a young man, returns to meet Daisy in her dance studio. The aging Daisy is now married to Robert Williams, a kind man who supports her well, to Benjamin's relief. Daisy introduces Benjamin to Robert and the 12-year-old Caroline as a long-time family friend. Daisy and Benjamin then meet privately in Benjamin's hotel where they share their passion for each other, but they mutually realize that Daisy has become too old for Benjamin.

    Benjamin departs again and continues to grow younger. One day Daisy receives a phone call from social workers. They inform her that they found Benjamin - now a young pre-teen just hitting puberty - living in a condemned building, and that they called her because they saw her name all over his diary. The social workers believe that he has dementia as he sometimes forgets that he had just eaten and cannot remember Daisy or much of his past. Daisy moves into the nursing home where Benjamin grew up and takes care of him as he becomes a confused 5-year-old boy with a growing temper.

    In 2002, Mr.Gateau's old clock is removed from the train station. Shortly afterward, in the spring of 2003, the now-physically infant, 85-year-old Benjamin dies in Daisy's arms. At the moment before Benjamin dies, Daisy claims to have seen in his eyes that he still remembered her. In the 2005 hospital room, the hurricane raging outside downs the electrical system. As Caroline briefly leaves the room, Daisy passes away, her wish of seeing Benjamin again seemingly answered by a hummingbird hovering outside the storm-drenched windows. Against the sounds of the city's emergency sirens and reports of breached levees, the backwards clock is shown in a basement, still working, as floodwaters envelope the storage room where it is kept.

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  • Seseorang ingin bicara dengan Tuhan dan menekan nomor +628-90d-tuh4n*

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